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courtney trouble and adora bell star in one of Lesbian Curves’ 4’s chemistry-driven scenes brought to you by the TROUBLEfilms family this week.


Lesbian Curves 4 is a digital release

courtney trouble and disco titts grace the cover

Courtney Trouble revives their plus size lesbian series with a a new volume of what was dubbed the “Hottest Dyke Porn” three years in a row by the Toronto Porn Film Festival. Lesbian Curves 4 stars Trouble herself, with Adora Bell, Disco Titts, Tender Furiosa, and AVN Award Winner Karla Lane. The four scenes, all new or never released on film, are naturally-lit, chemistry driven, and body positive! 

The brand new film will be the final TROUBLEfilms release of 2019, the biggest year in the company’s release history having launched a new imprint with Sinn Sage Studio’s 4 films, 3 online stores, 12 full length films in total, and the East Bay Brats lesbian BDSM series within the confines of 2019. But Lesbian Curves is what Trouble’s been working towards all year, despite many curve-balls! “Lesbian Curves was easily the most important film project I created this decade – I think I started a real conversation about how plus size porn could be inclusive of lesbian sex, really queer stuff, and/or “girl/girl” fucking. And now you do see more of that kind of content out there, I even get hired to do it for other companies now when I would have always been told “bbw lesbian doesn’t sell” over and over and over again. That was NEVER true for me, and now I get to put out a version of Lesbian Curves that’s just joyful, fun, sexy, and obviously authentic in its depiction of lesbian sex. I’m no longer worried about proving myself to my audience. Now, we just get to PLAY, and I like that,” says Courtney Trouble, who spent time performing for studios like Body Positive Productions (Karla Lane) and Shape of Beauty (Bree Mills) while working towards the inevitable release of the new volume of the legendary LESBIAN CURVES.

“Everything works differently now – my entire collective releases their own star vehicles.” like Chelsea Submits, which has been nominated for two BDSM awards this awards season and Strap On Sinner’s, Sinn Sage’s epic TROUBLEfilms DVD debut. “I wasn’t sure I could pull of a film like that, but here we are with me in every scene and that’s a big first for the LC series. I am praying people like that and that my abilities as a versatile performer really shine.”

The film opens up with Karla Lane joining “girlfriend” Trouble for juicy breakfast sex in a bright kitchen, moves into a playful artporn scene with epic queer babe Disco Titts, goes back to Cali to a sexy squirting scene with cutie Adora Bell, and ends with Lesbian Curves very first trans lesbian episode “PUNK YOGA” with the TROUBLEfilms star and traveling performer Tender Furiosa.

Lesbian Curves 4 is available for download on for $30 on TroubleFilms.Com/shop

Starting in 2019, all new TROUBLEfilms scenes are collectively owned by the performers, and 80% of the film profits go to the filmmaker, in this case Courtney Trouble.

Lesbian Curves 4 was made with the help of TROUBLEfilms collective members and videographers Rae Threat, Chelsea Poe, and Mo Reese. Special thanks to Disco Titts for her collaboration on the beautiful bubblicious cover art, Adora Bell for her kinky contributions as a performer, Tender Furiosa for kindly being the “no fauxxx poster girl” for a few years, and to Karla Lane who gives some of the best head in Hollywood!