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New Series BBW Sex Party Taking Off This Month!


Karla Lane’s BBW Sex Parties are LEGENDARY and this is the first of a series of films made especially at her wild new studio BODY POSITIVE PRODUCTIONS which sounds nice and sweet but actually it’s fierce fat girls doing whatever the fuck they want in a safe space with hot babes, hot men, 4K cameras, and loads and loads of self love. ENJOY! Party Scene, 3 Glory Hole Solos, One Glory Hole Hardcore Fuck, one 2 girl BJ lesson, 2 POV blowjobs, one FIVE GIRL GORY HOLE scene, one G/G/B Hardcore, and one FOUR GIRL ORGY

BBW Sex Party is a unique series directed by adult performer Karla Lane, who is collaborating with other performers to co-produce the content. The films are cooperatively owned by the performers of the film, orchestrated by producer and editor Courtney Trouble, who also appears in the first film as a breakout B/G blowjob performer. “Karla is bringing together exellect people, but the truth is these performers are ambition, glamorous, and dedicated to their community,” says Trouble, who recognized the film potential of the content trade shoot day while it was happening. “I just looked around at how truly talented and professional everyone on set was, and saw how the scenes could play into each other and make something more as a while than just the individual scenes.”

The individual scenes are owned and sold by each performer, and the film is collaboratively owned and sold by each performer on their own respective websites and platforms. It is currently for sale at MazzaratieMonica.Com, TROUBLEfilms.Com, ManyVids.Com/SaraStar, and as updates on You will also be able to find the film shortly released on AEBN, POPPORN, HotMovies, and AdultVideoEmpire with hopes to generate an interest in Best New Series considerations. 

BBW Sex Party #2 and #3 have been filmed and slated for immediate release. 




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April Flores Launches Fat Girl Fantasies


Two time winner of the AVN “BBW Of The Year” award April Flores has launched her own plus size site. Fat Girl Fantasies is her directorial debut, and features exclusive video and photographic content with a bevy of gorgeous fat porn stars.

“Back in early 2014 when I was still in deep shock from the loss of my late husband Carlos Batts, Courtney Trouble proposed the idea of Fat Girl Fantasies,” explained Flores about the project. “I think Courtney saw that it could be a good way for me to channel my sadness into creativity while keeping in line with the work that Carlos and I had been doing. Fat Girl Fantasies developed from love; the love between friends who use the medium of pornography to express themselves. Fat Girl Fantasies was conceived from the need to show the world how beautiful and desirable a sexual fat woman is.”

Courtney Trouble concurs. “With a strong foundation of emotional and creative collaborative energy, Fat Girl Fantasies is a logical next step for TROUBLEfilms. Expanding on our already legendary and award winning series Lesbian Curves, it reinforces our commitment to representing the inherent sexiness of people of all sizes.”

The vision of TROUBLEfilms for Fat Girl Fantasies is particularly groundbreaking as explicit porn focused on the desires of plus size porn icons. Featuring Eliza Allure, Cinnamon Maxxine, Karla Lane, Jade Rose and Kitty Stryker, as well as Trouble and Flores themselves, the fantasies represented range from flirty to filthy. Performers such as Asa Akira, James Darling, and Isaiah Maxwell provide a never before seen range of talent.

Why the name Fat Girl Fantasies? While part of the reason is to link the project to Carlos’s final book Fat Girl, the choice not to use the term BBW is an intentional one, says Trouble.

“Personally, I have long felt that the term BBW, while not inherently offensive, does not represent who I am as a performer. I know I’m not the only performer who feels that way. The crew of TROUBLEfilms is excited to expand the opportunities of plus sized performers beyond the constraints of the BBW genre by showcasing the fantasies of the performers, to the delight of their fans!”

Memberships to Fat Girl Fantasies are now available for as low as $20 a month, or as part of the new TROUBLEfilms All Network Pass.

Press and review inquiries can be directed to

April Flores Win AVN’s BBW Performer of the Year Second Year in a Row!

Fat Girl Fantasies Launching this Spring

Last weekend saw the 2015 AVN Awards take place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Porn performers came from all over to walk the red carpet and to see if they won in one of the many categories for performers, companies, and movies.

One such category is BBW Of The Year, which was taken home by delighted performer/producer April Flores.

“I am completely thrilled and honored about my second win!” Flores said when asked for comment. “It means so much to have my hard work recognized by AVN and its voters. I know that Carlos is proud and happy about this as well.”

When asked about other highlights on AVN, she said, “The most memorable moment was being on the red carpet among my fellow nominees moments before the show started. We had all gathered together and were able to pose for a few pictures. There was a true camaraderie which was absolutely beautiful. It felt so magical to be among them all, celebrating ourselves and the unity we were feeling together. Visibility is necessary for a group of performers that is still considered to be “niche” and I for one felt we were visible that night. I was surrounded by this same group of women when the award was announced and it was very nice to be in their presence for that and feel their support for my win.”



This desire for visibility was cited by Flores as a reason behind her new site, Fat Girl Fantasies, a collaboration with filmmaker and performer Courtney Trouble.

“Too often fat women are delegated to the punchline and we are never seen as beautiful, sexual beings,” said Flores.  “I want Fat Girl Fantasies to be a catalyst for change in the way media sees and portrays fat women by showcasing other BBW performers in a new way. Having 15 years experience in front of the camera, I feel that I can bring a unique perspective to adult film and erotic art.

When I entered this industry in 2005, I decided my goal was to challenge the norms of what is considered desirable while trying to inspire women to feel worthy of their sexuality regardless of their size. I see Fat Girl Fantasies as an extension of my artistic growth, and as a tool to have more range in my self expression. I am excited to team up with Courtney Trouble, a true friend and mentor, and their company TROUBLEfilms for this important project.”

She added, “Since losing Carlos a little over a year ago, the one thing that has given me strength is knowing that I am doing what I can to continue the work we had done during our 13 years together. I strive to make him proud, and I think he is.”




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