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Mo Reese is anxiously waiting for his career counselor, Karla Lane, to show up for a consultation. When she cheerfully arrives at his home, he’s blown away by the bubbly, buxom beauty!

As Karla sits with him, going over the services she can offer to set Mo on his dream career path, Mo tries his best to concentrate. Although he’s trying to be polite, his eyes keep drifting over Karla’s luscious curves, kissable lips, and gorgeous breasts… How can ANYONE concentrate with such a stunning woman in front of them?

Finally, Mo realizes that he’s been staring and that Karla’s caught him red-handed. He is mortified and tries to apologize but Karla brushes it off, leaning closer while pressing her breasts together. It seems as though Karla’s been just as distracted by Mo, and that neither one of them will be able to concentrate until the edge is taken off…

Mo can’t believe his luck as Karla starts off by going down on his cock with her hot mouth. She then takes his cock and slides it between her breasts, letting him have a little fun before the main event. When she finally accepts him inside of her pussy, they both have to agree that this is the best counseling session they’ve ever had. It seems as though Karla’s set Mo down the path of his wildest dreams!

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