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Coop’s Fantasy: April & Karla

Hot bods, polka dots, and devilish grins – April Flores and Karla Lane are ideal subjects for this dreamy girl/girl gonzo escapade, shot in artist coop‘s studio – where this T&A looks like it’s part of the permanent collection!

Courtney Trouble squirms behind the camera as Karla and April tease the lens mercilessly with their gorgeous tits, ass, thighs, bellies, and bubbly ponytails. They have their first kiss ever right on camera, and the chemistry is instant! They play with glass toys, eat each other out, give amazing pussy shows to the camera and each other, get sloppy, get sexy, and continue to kiss and explore all of each other’s holes and curves!


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April Flores Launches Fat Girl Fantasies


Two time winner of the AVN “BBW Of The Year” award April Flores has launched her own plus size site. Fat Girl Fantasies is her directorial debut, and features exclusive video and photographic content with a bevy of gorgeous fat porn stars.

“Back in early 2014 when I was still in deep shock from the loss of my late husband Carlos Batts, Courtney Trouble proposed the idea of Fat Girl Fantasies,” explained Flores about the project. “I think Courtney saw that it could be a good way for me to channel my sadness into creativity while keeping in line with the work that Carlos and I had been doing. Fat Girl Fantasies developed from love; the love between friends who use the medium of pornography to express themselves. Fat Girl Fantasies was conceived from the need to show the world how beautiful and desirable a sexual fat woman is.”

Courtney Trouble concurs. “With a strong foundation of emotional and creative collaborative energy, Fat Girl Fantasies is a logical next step for TROUBLEfilms. Expanding on our already legendary and award winning series Lesbian Curves, it reinforces our commitment to representing the inherent sexiness of people of all sizes.”

The vision of TROUBLEfilms for Fat Girl Fantasies is particularly groundbreaking as explicit porn focused on the desires of plus size porn icons. Featuring Eliza Allure, Cinnamon Maxxine, Karla Lane, Jade Rose and Kitty Stryker, as well as Trouble and Flores themselves, the fantasies represented range from flirty to filthy. Performers such as Asa Akira, James Darling, and Isaiah Maxwell provide a never before seen range of talent.

Why the name Fat Girl Fantasies? While part of the reason is to link the project to Carlos’s final book Fat Girl, the choice not to use the term BBW is an intentional one, says Trouble.

“Personally, I have long felt that the term BBW, while not inherently offensive, does not represent who I am as a performer. I know I’m not the only performer who feels that way. The crew of TROUBLEfilms is excited to expand the opportunities of plus sized performers beyond the constraints of the BBW genre by showcasing the fantasies of the performers, to the delight of their fans!”

Memberships to Fat Girl Fantasies are now available for as low as $20 a month, or as part of the new TROUBLEfilms All Network Pass.

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Jade Rose’s Fantasy

Jade Rose tells April her dirty oral fixation, and Courtney delivers those buckets of slobber Jade’s been wanting to pour out of her mouth. Jade and Courtney cum so hard all over each other and look fantastic in matching neon bodycon dresses that show off their similar and wickedly curvy curves.

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Sibling Rivalry! Eliza Allure and Kitty Stryker Go At It!

UH OH, Daddy’s got a little situation on his hands…. Eliza and Kitty are cut throat (make believe, though totally believable!) sisters who are STILL sharing a bedroom – and they just can’t seem to learn how to share their toys OR play nice!!!!

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VULGAR: Asa Akira and April Flores


Conceptualized by C. Batts Fly and completed by April Flores, VULGAR explores the soft sensuality of the confidant woman and the reflection of her desires, as played out by porn greats April Flores and Asa Akira. This scene is the gorgeous seed of inspiration for Fat Girl Fantasies, released in loving memory of our C. Batts Fly. <3


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April Flores Wonders If Blondes Have More Fun…

April Flores foregoes her signature red locks for super long mermaid blonde hair to answer the pivital question…. do blondes really have  more fun? April, are you having more fun yet?

Photographs by Courtney Trouble

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